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Zoltan Doübious

Welcome to the world of

Menswear in a Doubious style

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Limited Edition Cut & Sew

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Hand-Screen printed graphics

Tees & Hoodies FeaturingDesigned by Zoltan & The Doüb Crew

Is inspired by the natural, the super-natural, the scientific, the unscientific, the digital, the physical and the spiritual

In the future, you don't just wear a logo you own it....

Welcome to Europe's first open-source streetwear brand. 

Built on the philosophies of web 3.0 and blockchain technology, Zoltan is about to redefine the concept of brand ownership and membership and you're invited to come on the journey.

As a customer you'll no longer buy from Doübious, instead, you'll buy into Doübious and in return zoltan will empower you with creative governance, utility and value.

As a creative collaborator you'll no longer work for Doübious, instead you'll work with Doübious. NFT's will give you digital ownership and membership to a commuinity with the opportunity to own value which is intrinsically linked to the success of Doübious.

If you'd ever wanted to run or contribute to a lifestyle brand but you don't have the capital, network or complete skill set to make your dream a reality, now is your opportunity to become part of one.

Applications for the D.A.O are now open...