The NFT-Shirt

Doübious has curated and created NFTs for years, however, instead of uploading our digital art onto the blockchain, we print it onto t-shirts.

Art-work plays a pivotal role in Doübious' success and we want to add further value to both the artwork and the artist by bringing the NFT-Shirt concept to market. 

The NFT-Shirt project will shift Doübious' business model into the future by offering the customer a new dilemma.....


When a customer buys an NFT-Shirt they can now either burn the NFT-Shirt at any moment in exchange for a physical luxury t-shirt, or they can hold onto the NFT-shirt as a digital asset, with the speculation that this new model of running a creative community is going to succeed, and thus the market value of your NFT-Shirt will have the potential to increase as the brand becomes more recognised.

Our project will be a multi-layered hybrid D.A.O, offering investment opportunities for everyone from industry big dogs right through to our most passionate individual customers and without forgetting all our collaborators.

All profits generated from the NFT project will be deposited into Doübious' Crypto treasury and any transactions out of the treasury will have to be confirmed by two thirds of the executive board (The D.A.O, The President and/or The Investor Committee). 

Individuals are investing into a real world brand project, an idea and a collective group of people. 

Community members of the D.A.O have been specifically chosen for their skill set and their potential contribution to the group, a structure of tokens within the D.A.O will be implemented to reward each individual's contribution to the collective, you can read more about the specifics of a D.A.O here. 

The Community Structure 

The NFT project will be structured into a hybrid executive/D.A.O structure with four levels within the D.A.O pillar of governance...

  • Guru 
  • Investor 
  • Community Member 
  • Collector 

The different levels of the community will represent the different intensity of contributions. 

Guru Level - £250,000

A director level fashion or NFT insider who is completely sold by the project and its concept and philosophy. These investors will not only drive the brand with their capital but more importantly their experience and network.  

Guru's have been specifically approved by the president and the D.A.O.

The project is not looking for a trader to pump and dump the idea, rather, we desire an individual with real world experience and passion for web 3.0 combined with fashion and the related products and culture.

Guru's would become a member of the Investor Committee, they'll share a similar level of governance as both the president and the D.A.O and as a group will hold one third of the executive decision making. 

Although a guru will not be expected to make daily contributions to the running of the business, they will be expected to make overarching contributions such as guidance with strategy, operations, manufacturing, wholesale and more while applying their years of experience to the changing demands of the project.

We wont expect to interest a guru until a couple years into our road map. 

  • Guru Specific NFTs.
  • Shares Within The Investor Committee.
  • Investor Committee Tokens.
  • Investor Level Governance. 
  • 1 D.A.O Token.
  • Physical Print.

Investor Level - £25,000

    A Former CEO/Director/Executive with impeccable industry experience in either fashion or technology. They understand the possible innovations Web 3.0 represent and see potential in our vision of how to apply NFTs and smart contracts to the industry. They will be a member of the executive branch and will look to get the project off the ground, during the early stages of the roadmap, they will give the project further credibility, helping to build the initial fashion industry hype.

    Although an investor will not be expected to make daily contributions to the running of the business, they will be expected to make overarching contributions such as guidance with strategy, operations, manufacturing, wholesale and more while applying their years of experience.

    • Shares Within The Investor Committee 
    • 1 Investor Committee Tokens 
    • 1 D.A.O Token
    • Physical Print

    Community Member - £250 

    Community Members are approved creatives, entrepreneurs or individuals who attain a skill set, understanding and ethos which aligns with Doübious’ NFT project, they'll have full access to the D.A.O and it’s benefits.

    To become a community member you must purchase a £250 NFT, The proceeds of which will be added to the D.A.O treasury and will be spent collectively as per the D.A.O and executive's wish.

    New community members must also complete one task on the job board to earn their first Doübcoin$, this task might include a small concept brief or a quick piece of market research.  

    D.A.O members will be exclusively privy to the Doübious job board.

    Jobs, tasks and budgets will be created by the executive board, while, D.A.O members will make a submission to the job post while the hundred individuals from the D.A.O will vote on which application is best, the winning applications will be paid for by the treasury. Once the task has been completed and approved by the executive board. 

    Members who complete creative NFT tasks which are minted onto the block chain will be offered a 10% royalties fee on top of the budgeted project fee, offering a lifetime stake in any creative project completed for the D.A.O.

    • Invite Only
    • 1/100 Community NFT-Shirt - 001 (Sellable)
    • 1/100 Community Members Card NFT (Non-Sellable)
    • Privy To The D.A.O Job Board.
    • Minting A Project Will Result In Royalties.
    • 1 D.A.O Token (Complete tasks on the job board to increase NFT royalties and tokens).
    • Creative and Strategic Governance 
    • 20% Discounts on All Doübious Products. 
    • Early access to NFT Auctions. 
    • Physical Print of NFT.
    • Guerrilla Marketing Pack & T-Shirt.

    Collector - Auctions 

    Collector Level NFT-Shirts will be sold via an auction format on a regular basis and will be targeted towards streetwear and NFT consumers alike. 

    The collector level consumer will buy the NFT-shirt to either burn or speculatively keep, creating a new dilemma made only possible by NFT technology. 

    If the collector burns his NFT-Shirt it will cease to exist on the blockchain, instead, they will receive a luxury physical t-shirt featuring the NFT print, these will be manufactured to order and marketed as premium products

    Holding onto the NFT will give the consumer additional utility and governance for instance discounts and exclusive access to Doübious brand events and sales and some voting on creative governance. 

    • Public Auctions
    • NFT-Shirt
    • 1 Collector Token
    • The Burn Or Keep Dilemma
    • Market Potential and speculation 
    • 15% Discounted Physical Doübious Product While You Own The NFT 
    • Print of the NFT artwork
    • Early Access To Future Products


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