The Road Map

The road map below outlines some of the key goals and objectives the project aims to achieve throughout the first few years of start-up.

The roadmap is only a guideline, It can and will be adapted as the web 3.0, crypto currency and the NFT markets evolve and change. 

I have identified seven stages of key importance and interest.

1. Build The Base

2. The Hype Train

3. Let's Get Digital 

4. Let's Get Physical

5. The Guru 

6. The Personal Brand 

7. Into The Meta-verse

The moment we reach a particular stage on the road map will depend on the size of the D.A.O and the Treasury, I have detailed below estimated time frames for the stages, while also detailing a few of the most important actions and tasks that must be completed before moving to the next stage. 

1. Build The Base

6 Months  ------  Treasury £0k - £25,000. ------  D.A.O. 1 - 50 Members.

  • 1 - Build digital infrastructure.
  • 2 - Initial D.A.O community engagement. 
  • 3 - First investor member.
  • 4 - Strategy and budget approval.

1.   During the base building stage it is the president's responsibility to generate the fundamental digital infrastructure for the NFT project.

DAOs will be constructed, forums will be generated, artwork will be minted and smart contracts will be developed all while building a community of creatives interested in the DAO and NFT concepts.   

2.   The DAO's strength is greater than the sum of it's members and by headhunting a selection of some of Doübious' favourite artists, designers and  creatives while coupling them with some of the most promising strategic minds within the creative industries, Doübious is hoping to create an eclectic community with a wide range of complimentary skills and all with an underlying interest and passion for fashion and web 3.0.

3.   It's imperative that at this stage of the road map, Doübious finds an investor level member, they'll be an early adopter who is inspired by the concept and vision of Doübious' NFT project, They will be a fashion industry insider who's reputation, knowledge and industry standing will give Doübious' NFT project a weight of creditability. The president will be actively engaging CEOs and Directors from successful fashion brands to find an experienced individual who fits the bill. 

4.   The president and the early investor will construct an initial strategy and budget which will then be approved by the D.A.O. This strategy will encompass many of the ideas discussed on this website.

The initial D.A.O members, the digital infrastructure, the investor and the strategy and budget will now give the project a strong base to build into the next step.

2. Build The Hype 

6-9 Months ----- Treasury £25,000 - £50,000 ------  D.A.O. 50 - 100 Members.

  • 1. Job board created within framework of strategy
  • 2. Completion of D.A.O community - round 001
  • 3. External hype and marketing 
  • 4. The digital/meta-verse fashion show

1. The executive investor and president will draw up a job list for the successful launch of the NFT Brand, while members of the D.A.O will complete jobs and tasks to help with the launch of the project. 

2. The D.A.O will now constitute between 50-100 members, while the marketing of the project will begin to become externalised.

3. The NFT space is a hype driven market and blogs are currently hyper sensitive to NFT stories and start ups using web 3.0 to differentiate themselves. It is up to the D.A.O, The President and Investors to generate as much hype as possible for the project, leveraging both crypto and fashion blogs/podcasts, traditional publications and social media accounts to generate as much interest in the project as possible.

Grass-roots digital marketing on discord, twitter and other channels will be used to help build a community of consumers, and the final members of the DAO will be chosen from applications and referrals. I would additionally suggest a round of guerrilla street marketing during London fashion week and web 3.0 events to widen peoples exposure to our logo.  

4. Although no physical products will be launched at this stage, An online fashion show exhibiting digital models, renderings and artwork will story-board the potential of the brand and will give a glimpse into the future of the fashion industry within a web 3.0 context.

As our initial key marketing asset the D.A.O will create a digital fashion exhibition, show and experience which will allow for ultimate creativity in terms of the product we will showcase, the models we will use and the digital location.

Kid-super used a similar method of marketing with a stop-motion fashion show using action figures and 1/40 scale clothes to showcase what he would do in the future of his brand. 

If the hype and interest building stage has been successfully executed the project should see a spike in media engagement hopefully further inspiring a community of consumers and investors to buy into the first round of NFT-Shirts released once our initial budget is confirmed and our strategy finalised.  

3. Lets Get Digital 

The First NFT Collection  9-12 Months - Treasury 25k - 100k

  • 1. NFT-Shirt goes to auction 
  • 2. Physical collections being designed and debated on the forums of Doübious
  • 3. Jobs have been delegated and completed by creatives 

1. The first collection will be an NFT-Shirt collection aimed at the most enthusiastic NFT and Doübious fans, the auction based sale will be used to maximise the final round of investment generation before the brand's first physical launch. 

The success of the first NFT collection will heavily dictate the future direction of the project's capabilities however we expect to create and generate enough interest around the project to at least match the initial treasury investment from the DAO, putting the brand in a particularly good a position to have at least a year or two of physical and digital product releases every month.

2. The D.A.O should now be full of creatives and entrepreneurs engaged on the forums of Doübious' discussion boards, where members will pitch ideas and creatives concepts for content, product and more, using the executive strategy as a framework for product releases and budgeting.

3. It is at this moment the D.A.O must show it's power and it is up to every member to contribute as much as possible, from emailing bloggers, reaching out to stores, telling the story of the NFT idea while trying to build as much interest and value together as possible. 

While the president must work tirelessly with the D.A.O to create a full sample collection of production ready for the next stage of the roadmap.


4. Let's Get Physical

The First Non-NFT Collection 9-18 Months - Treasury 50k - 250k

  • 1. Physical real-world product removed from the NFT space 
  • 2. Physical real world events, pop-ups and experiential marketing
  • 3. Physical real world HQ
  • 4. Widen the D.A.O

Just like a real world streetwear brand the Doübious project will market and distribute real world clothing, however instead of a centralised team the community of D.A.O members will vote on which products get brought to market.

This is the key stage where Doübious NFT and the DAO must prove itself as a decentralised fashion house and brand, after a successful digital NFT launch the further success of the brand will depend heavily on the execution of the real world physical collections and marketing. 

The Brand will take aim at the luxury streetwear market with a specific cultural relevance to the European underground experience.

The president will build relationships with cut & sew factories, actioning the real world desires of the brand while communicating with the D.A.O and executive board, paying particular attention to the budgeting constraints and strategy agreed by the collective. Bridging the demands of the collective while producing a product to the constraints of a real world economy will be of particular importance.

The D.A.O would no doubt need a physical HQ during this moment in time for production and sampling purposes, the president has the capacity to donate all the necessary equipment to set up a POD studio, while the treasury would pay for rent. Creatives working on projects for the D.A.O will be invited into the physical space for meetings and events, this space could become a multipurpose hub and with a physical space comes many physical possibilities.   

Breaking into the physical world would also demand a number of marketing events which will connect the community together through more traditional channels:

  • Wholesale
  • Pop Up Shops
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Collaborations with Stores or Brands 
  • Product Placements

The brand would continue to be supplemented by further NFT-shirt sales, while the president will be working behind the scenes to develop the next NFT centric product discussed in stage 6.


5. The Guru Stage 

12 - 36 Months - Treasury 250k+

  • Secure Additional Funding From a large scale investment

The guru stage, although not a complete necessity on the road map, would become a pivotal moment for the NFT project, confirming it's vision and application while propelling the concept forward.

The demands to reach this stage in the road map would be high and the DAO has a lot too prove before reaching such a moment, however by securing additional funding from an angel investor or NFT venture capitalist, The D.A.O could push further forward into the physical fashion market and the emerging meta-verse space while also allowing the brand to further develop it's next NFT concept while realising the technology's full potential within the idea of personal branding.

6. The Personal Brand Stage

18 Months - 5 Years - Revenue Unknown

  • The growth and development of our NFT concept 

Once we have developed the NFT-Shirt model as a unique way to build value, utility and governance around a community, we will than have a unique opportunity to further develop the NFT concept and application to the fashion industry.

As the president I am particularly interested in how NFT's in the future will be used to create and build a consumer's personal brand. Unique NFT's will become status symbols differentiating your luxury NFT product from the general releases the public owns. 

NFT holders should have the ability unlock a range of luxury items only available to them and only available to be adorned with the NFT's in their wallet, unique customisation options could be built onto a range of luxury blank items and NFT owners will be able to customise their item's as per their desire and NFT collections.

7. Into The Meta-verse 5-10 Years

The meta-verse offers a raft of opportunities particularly within e-commerce and marketing, as an NFT centric brand, Doübious will naturally be able to transition into the meta-verse, although this would come with heavy investment and risk.