What are Tokens - Doübcoin$

Our token aka the Doübcoin$ is a native coin to Doübious' NFT project, built of off the .ETH blockchain, they're a digital asset which has value specifically within the Doübious NFT project.

Tokens can be easily described using one simple video game analogy, The Doübcoin$ will act just like XP, Similarly to XP in the games, the more tokens you hold the more powerful you are within the D.A.O.

The concept of tokens helps to gamify the NFT project while also working as a tool to incentivise positive actions of individuals within the D.A.O,

Tokens will offer a raft of utility and potential applications and as more D.A.O and NFT projects emerge so will many interesting token concepts, however, for now, our current application ideas are discussed below.

How Will Doübious Use Tokens  

Generating Tokens

Every D.A.O member starts with 1 Token..

Completing a task from the job board will create additional tokens and or .eth depending on the intensity of the task and influence of the project 

Examples of jobs might include.... 

  • Complete A Creative Brief = 1 Token
  • Have A Creative Brief Approved By The D.A.O = 3 Token + .eth
  • Conduct Market Research = 1 Token
  • Conduct Technical Research = 1 Token
  • Get Doübious NFT featured on a media outlet = 2 Token + .eth
  • Introduce New Stockist To The Brand  = 3 Token + .eth
  • Find Executive Level Investor = 5 Tokens + .eth

We want to incentivise earning and generating Doübcoin$ by building the following utility into the token. 


1 Token = 1 Vote in The D.A.O

3 Tokens = 3 Votes in The D.A.O

Every D.A.O member starts with 1 token and thus 1 Vote, the more contributions individuals complete the more tokens and votes they generate. 

This creates an incentivised offering where individuals who contribute to the brand ultimately have a larger voice within the D.A.O, only contributions approved by the executive board will generate Doübcoin$ and these tokens will play a central role in how Doübious tracks individuals behaviour. 

Access to the job Board

Tokens give you exclusive access to the Job Board

Discounted/Free Product and Exclusive Offers

Holding tokens will offer reduced product, free product, access to physical and digital releases early and tickets to real world branded events 

Profit Sharing 

Many jobs on the job board will be paid with .eth, however additionally in the long term, the aim of the brand is too reach a level of revenue where it's viable for the business to share profits with it's token holders, at this stage its difficult to precisely predict when the business could reach this moment, however it's a long term aim and goal of the brand.

Once In effect  the amount of tokens a community member holds will dictate their share of the D.A.O profit sharing program, much like a dividend  


The Economics in Tokenomics 

Tokens effectively create a micro-economy within the D.A.O, understanding tokenomics is much like understanding economics however their is a few key differences between them