The Vision

Within ten years the concept of brand ownership is going to be radicalised, while simultaneously organisations are going to become decentralised, with web 3.0 playing a pivotal role in how we divide and share value.

Businesses and creative endeavours will emerge with a D.A.O structure, where smart contracts, NFTS and tokens will allow a community of creatives to collectively share a project on the block chain, allowing for an open source structure of governance which will completely change how start-up companies generate investment, organise workers and share profits.

Web 3.0 will be the catalyst for a shift in the perceived value of digital art and will leave a wealth of opportunity for the creative industries especially the fashion, art and music industries. 

In the 1990's streetwear emerged from the block and in the 2020's streetwear will emerge from the blockchain.  

Since the naughties and through to the twenties the street in streetwear has become more and more hypothetical, while traditional brands in London, LA and New York stake claim to the streets of Soho, Fairfax and Bowery, over the last ten years a new generation of "streetwear" brands have emerged on web 2.0, many removed from major fashion capitals, these brands have fostered a community on the streets of social media, building multi million pound operations out of their mum's garage while revolutionising how brands interact with both local and global consumers.

Just as streetwear has transitioned between subcultures and generations, it will inevitably transition from the technology of web 2.0 and onto web 3.0. This shift in technology will begin to redefine the concept of streetwear and it's inevitable journalists and marketers alike will be coining terms like block-wear or meta-wear to categorise how these brands interact with both their contributors, community and consumers. 

Block-wear or Meta-wear brands will become a spectrum of concepts from fully digital operations who'll provide skins and apparel for your meta-verse avatar, through to brands who'll provide physical real world fashion and lifestyle product, while using web 3.0 to organise their internal business structure and external creative output. However, both will have one thing in common, the utilisation of  NFTs, 3.0 and the meta-verse for a wide array of marketing and e-commerce opportunities. 


For instance, in the future NIKE ID will become NIKE NFT, when you order a pair of trainers they will be delivered with your exclusive and personal NFT branding, and if one of your friends' buys the same pair from Nike NFT, you’ll be paid for influencing them.  


 NFT entrepreneur and street-wear brand owner Bobby Hundreds has envisioned a future where web 3.0 will drive two major changes in fashion.

"1) The reimagining of design.
2) The rethinking of brand and business."

This new and emerging opportunity in the rethinking of brand and business will with no doubt inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to use the technology of web 3.0 to rethink streetwear as a concept and fashion as a business and with no doubt both Generation Z and Millennials have by far the most to gain in this exciting new digital world, while traditional brands have by far the most lose. 

The purpose of this website is to further explain and discuss how Doübious plans to use the innovations of web 3.0 to reconsider it's current business model. 


The NFT Purpose

In short,

"Zoltan Doübious' NFT project aims to create Europe's largest streetwear/lifestyle  brand and creative collective centered around the philosophy of web 3.0."

Our motivation is to create a lifestyle brand where its shareholders are its creatives and our creative output is the creation of our collective hive mind. We want to decentralise fashion brand ownership and to digitalise the fashion house, while offering new levels of opportunity for collaborators and consumers alike.  

We aim to create a hybrid D.A.O/executive organisation using smart contracts and NFT technology to create a structure of governance which will democratise our creative direction and value sharing between collectors, members, investors and the president.

The NFT Utility

Ownership of a Doübious NFT isn't just ownership of a collection of pixels displayed on a HD screen, instead its utility in a real world project centred around a lifestyle brand and creative concept Zoltan has been pushing for over six years.

The utility of the project includes... 

  • Ownership of the Doübious brand 
  • Membership to the D.A.O
  • Governance over Doübious' creative direction
  • Doübcoin$
  • Exclusivity    

The NFT Community

Just like all amazing brands, all amazing NFT's have communities at their heart.

Doübious has been lucky enough to work with some of the UK's best emerging digital artists while also fostering a following of like minded forward thinking customers across Europe, many of which have become friends with us personally. 

By using a web 3.0 philosophy Doübious aims to dissolve the barrier between brand creator, collaborator and consumer by giving every community member the opportunity to create personal and collective value within our project's framework.  

The community will be hosted online as a D.A.O, which will be the central piece of technology used to help our collective organise itself and you can learn more about Doübious' implementation of a DAO here. 

Community members will initially be hand selected creatives and entrepreneurs to bolster the D.A.O's depth of skills, knowledge and capabilities. Members are expected to contribute to the project and have been chosen specifically for that reason, contribution will come with reward, the extent to which will be intrinsically linked to the long term success of the project.

The community will discuss, debate and decide project concepts and ideas on a private Doübious forum, while a shared crypto-coin treasury will empower the community to action its ideas and concepts in the real world, these real world projects will offer real world opportunities such as freelance work exclusively available to D.A.O members. 

The long term aim is for the Doübious D.A.O to become a self serving decentralised collective of creatives and entrepreneurs with a shared passion for both the Doübious vision, concept and product and the wider decentralised landscape.



The NFT Structure

The Doübious NFT project and community will have four levels of structure, with each level intensifying with expected investment of time, money and love. 

  • Guru 
  • Investor 
  • Community Member 
  • Collector 

 We have a complete article which further explains the details of our structure.  


Why The NFT

Doübious is a relatively successful independent D.I.Y clothing brand, reapplying a tried and tested business model to a web 2.0 landscape, however, for Doübious to grow beyond its current guise, it'll need to develop two key elements.

1. A team 

2. Investor Capital

"Doübious is currently a one man brand, I design, I print, I market, I distribute and more. I started the brand with £900 and I have spent six years nurturing the  business on a shoe string budget, using passion as my biggest commodity however this approach has left the brand incredibly centralised and limited."

Using web 2.0 and social media Doübious was empowered, like many other emerging enterprises with a technology to reimagine how small businesses emerge and develop, using digital marketing and social media as the key innovation to grow the company beyond the efforts of a single individual.


The brand now finds itself at a cross roads and never content with standing still, Doübious now aims to build a unique investment opportunity which will differentiate the brand from 99% of it's competitors while propelling it to the forefront of the block-wear movement.

Taking strides into this new space and philosophy of thinking is going to represent the greatest opportunity of growth since the birth of social media while offering new opportunities which would have seemed unimaginable ten years ago. 

Crowd sourcing through NFTs and D.A.Os reduces risk for all levels of investors, while also building trust on transparent, autonomous and open source governance. Individuals will know exactly what is happening to their investment, while they're empowered to vote on its application and even have opportunities to earn additional .ETH with further contributions. 

NFTs add another layer of value, as the investor now owns a digital asset with market value, sure the value of all NFTs can fluctuate, however, the value will be linked to the success of a real world brand project which is something each D.A.O member can influence individually and as a group.

Web 3.0 and D.A.O technology helps to build a digitally connected community with the aim to not only generate investment but to also build a team of a hundred like minded D.A.O members, suddenly the one man brand that was Zoltan Doübious becomes an army of members, all of whom can make small monthly contributions, with a creative or strategic idea that they're passionate about, these individual contributions will have large ramifications for the group and the brand with the correct guidance from the president and executives. 



The scale of opportunity within the technology of web 3.0 is easily comparable to the scale of opportunity the founders of Amazon, E-bay and Pay-pal capitalised upon during the birth of the internet. 

In the 1990s throughout web 1.0 and into web 2.0 Jeff Bezos turned a small bookstore into, creating a Goliath of e-commerce which now has a larger GDP than many countries. Today, our generation's Bezos will be born out of the wealth created from the shift between 2.0 to 3.0. Although, it's not Doübious' desire to become the next billionaire shooting rockets at the sky, it is however our desire to capitalise, pioneer and innovate this once in a generation shift in technology and philosophy within the context of the fashion industry, while creating a revolutionary new structure of value for all our members.